Harmony Gardens Grow Bag 30L

Harmony Gardens Growbag is the perfect planting bag to produce exceptional crops. Simple and convenient to use, Harmony Gardens peat-free compost growbag uses only materials and ingredients, which are responsibly sourced, local, recycled or by-products from other industries.

The first Carbon Neutral compost of its kind to ensure a healthier garden doesn’t contribute to the digging up and destruction of the planet. This growbag contains enough nutrients to feed 2 or 3 plants for 4- 6 weeks. The design of growbags encourages more roots to develop for stronger plants and higher yields of larger, tastier fruit and vegetable crops.

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  • certified carbon neutral manufacturer
  • Responsible Sourcing Scheme Approved

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Based on a mix of coir, composted bark, recycled wood fibre and green compost with added nutrients. Harmony Gardens peat-free growbag is the perfect planting bag to produce exceptional crops more conveniently and being lighter, growbags are ideal for greenhouse growing.

Grow bags are breathable and allow more soil to come in contact with the air than traditional pots.  Better aeration prevents soil compacting, which makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil and grow into healthier plants.

As they are breathable, excess heat can escape on hot days through the perforations, reducing the risk of your plants overheating if left out in the sun. Air pruning occurs in growbags and promotes many new roots to develop when they reach the edge of the bag. This strengthens the plants and helps transport nutrients to the fruit and vegetables to grow larger and tastier!


  • Balanced nutrients for great results
  • Avoid plants becoming root bound in pots for healthier root systems
  • Convenient to position, even on shelves of greenhouses.
  • Easy growing in greenhouses, polytunnels and on patios
  • Growing fruit and vegetables, especially popular for tomato plants
  • Indoor and outdoor use

To use the growbag, simply put the bag on its side and holding one end shake the bag to loosen the contents.

Make cuts in the top of the growbag allowing enough space for the developed plants to have sufficient room between each other to capture light and avoid growing over each other.

Potting on fruit and vegetable seedlings into growbags helps them reach maximum potential during their maturity.