Harmony Gardens Top Soil 25L

Re-invigorate your garden’s top soil with this high-quality peat-free and Carbon Neutral topsoil.

This mix of recycled topsoil is carefully blended with Green Compost to add rich organic matter back into the soil. Recycled wood fibre is used to lighten the soil and release nitrogen to aid plant growth rather than lock in nitrogen like virgin wood. Great for your garden, kinder to the earth.

Harmony Gardens topsoil provides the nutrients your plants, vegetables and flowers need to flourish and grow into healthy plants. There are various uses for topsoil in gardens including fixing bare patches of lawn, creating raised beds, landscaping and improving drainage.

  • certified carbon neutral manufacturer
  • Responsible Sourcing Scheme Approved

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In stock

All our products including this topsoil are screened through a meshing process to ensure consistently fine soil is created to enhance root growth.

Topsoil can often be full of debris, but the screening process ensures all ingredients are of the same consistency. The main benefit of this finer topsoil is it allows optimum water distribution. This allows an even distribution of essential nutrients and minerals to move through the soil, helping to improve the existing soil quality as well as replace missing soil.

  • 100% natural ingredients, locally sourced recycled
  • Screened to a fine texture
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Improves soil structure and renews old soils with essential nutrients
  • Ready to use
  • Part of our carbon neutral range. This product is certified PAS2060 Carbon Neutral and made by our parent company which is also PAS206 certified.
  • Perfect for creating new beds and for replacing old soil in borders
  • Creating raised beds
  • Levelling areas before laying turf lawns
  • General landscaping, promoting strong root growth

To make a new raised plant bed or to renew your garden soil spread a 2-inch thick layer onto the existing soil. Thoroughly mix with approx 4 inches of the existing soil, which is vital to prevent a drainage barrier between soil types.

To lay new turf or fix a bare patch of lawn, spread seeds on the affected area and cover with 1cm topsoil. Then gently rake the soil to loosely mix the soil and seeds.