Harmony Gardens Soil Improver 50L

Made from green compost blended with recycled wood fibre which releases additional nitrogen back to the plants. Stabilise and improve the texture of your soil to create the perfect conditions for plant root development and healthier plants. All peat-free, local, responsibly sourced ingredients using either by-products or recycled material.

Harmony Gardens Soil Improver N+ is perfect for mulching around plants or digging into the soil to improve soil structure and support healthy root and plant development. Using fine screening to ensure an even, perfect texture for heavy clay soils or light sandy soils alike. Great for your garden, kinder to the earth.

Save up to 20% off when buying multiple bags of topsoil.

  • certified carbon neutral manufacturer
  • Responsible Sourcing Scheme Approved

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In stock

Digging and forking this soil improver with existing soil allows you to loosen any compact clumps and allow you to remove weeds and debris. The organic green matter naturally adds organic matter back into the soil while improving its texture.

Plants need good soil conditions if they are to give the best results. Improving the soil with our N+ nitrogen rich mix helps drainage and aeration on heavy soils as well as conserving essential moisture in light and sandy soil.

  • Perfect blend of organic composted material
  • Added nitrogen boost
  • Improves soil structure, aiding drainage in clay and improving sandy soils
  • Suppresses weed growth when used as a mulch
  • Improves fruit and flower yields
  • Allows worms to access the top layers of soil to aid mulch and organic matter breaking down and releasing nutrients.
  • Enhance and restore the natural balance of healthy soil.
  • Replenish nutrients in nutrient poor soil
  • Improve drainage and reduce waterlogging of heavy clay soils.
  • Improve general soil structure.
  • Improve root growth for future planting success.